Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sydney's 5 best spas

Panpuri Organic Spa

Relaxation, rejuvenation and serenity can be alien words in fast-paced Sydney.

A calm and peaceful moment is wearing headphones to drown out beeping cars. Pampering entails a $20 lunch on a weekday. Rest is riding a bus without crying babies. 

Yes, there?s beaches ?- but around the city, the hubbub can be inescapable. But switching-off during the day is ?- believe it or not -- absolutely achievable. As long as fancy touch phones, iPads and kids are left at home, chaos can be averted ?- at a cost.

As well as crowds and queues, Sydney is home to some ultra-relaxing day spa and massage centers.

Just off main roads, and in inner city neighborhoods, they are inspired by nature, the Middle East and Asia.

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