Friday, March 4, 2011

mrbrown revives bygone Singapore slang

It all started with ?Tebaboom."

Someone in my twitter feed used this word and immediately, nostalgia kicked in and brought me back to my childhood where we used this word to describe an explosion.

As in: ?Pewpewpewpew! Tebaboom!?

It can also be used like this:

?I ate so many chicken nuggets, I was going to tebaboom.?

In some circles it is also pronounced ?Chibaboom.?

Singapore Colloquial English or Singlish is full of these words and phrases, and the slang comes and goes.

After the buzz of hearing ?Tebaboom? being used, I decided that we needed a revival. A revival to bring some well-loved Singlish phrases and words back into our daily conversations.

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