Friday, December 3, 2010

Kate Bosworth Calls 'Warrior's Way' 'Hodgepodge' Of Genres

'You have cowboys and ninjas, and clowns and babies and Westerns,' actress tells MTV News of new flick.
By Kara Warner

Kate Bosworth
Photo: MTV News

Those who've seen the trailers for "The Warrior's Way" may be confused as to what genre the highly stylized actually fits into. Turns out there are so many things going on even the film's stars are finding it difficult to categorize the ninja/Western-style flick.

"I suppose I've been sort of describing it as outside the box," Kate Bosworth told MTV News. "Even reading the screenplay was a really unique experience, and that is what really excited me about the film," she said. "I've never read anything like it before, so the idea of an audience never seeing a film like that before is always an initial thrill going into making a movie."

Bosworth described the film, which opened on Friday (December 3), as a cross-culture, cross-genre extravaganza. "Visually, it's just so beautiful," the actress said. "You have cowboys and ninjas, and clowns and babies and Westerns, and it's just a hodgepodge of excitement happening in this movie."

Speaking of excitement, Bosworth experienced plenty on set, particularly during her character's fight sequences and the training required to execute them.

"I would've liked to have had more time [training], to be totally honest with you, because this film sort of happened really quickly," Bosworth explained. "It was sort of one of those things that you read and everyone came onboard and then you're flying to New Zealand and training and trying to keep up, and then shooting.

"I trained as much as possible, obviously, because I wanted to be prepared," she added. "The sequences are so intricate. They're more of a dance with the other actor than a fight, even. So it was almost like learning ballet, I think, more than martial arts."

"The Warrior's Way" also stars Danny Huston and Korean superstar Jang Dong Gun.

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