Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dial a dabba for lunch

Calorie Counter mumbai

Until a few years ago, the dabba or the Indian lunch box (transported from residences to offices) was made of steel, stacked three, sometimes five, storeys high and contained a traditional Indian meal of rotis, pulses, vegetables and rice.

Since then, the urban office meal has come a long way. It?s been flattened into ready-to-microwave trays, folded into cardboard boxes and calorie-counted into individual diet dishes.

Filling them is a self-consciously health-conscious brigade of chefs, but the method of delivery is still the same -- the network of some 5,000 local dabbawallahs or delivery men, whose logistics have amazed everyone from business school faculty to Prince Charles.

Now, match a packer with your personality.

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