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Kirsten Dunst Meets Missing Woman's Family For 'All Good Things'

'I think they're so relieved that the story is being told,' actress says.
By Kara Warner

Kirsten Dunst
Photo: MTV News

When an actor takes on a role based on a real person or event, one of the best ways for them to get into the head of the person they're playing is to meet with them or someone close to them. In the case of Kirsten Dunst's preparation for the upcoming thriller "All Good Things" (which is based on real events), however, her in-person meeting with her character's family was more difficult than enlightening: The woman she plays, Kathleen Durst, disappeared in 1982 and hasn't been found.

"I met Kathie Durst's brother, and I guess what would have been her niece," Dunst told MTV News recently during a press day for "All Good Things." "We went over to their house. It was really nice, but it was difficult, because I'm playing someone who was so dear to them that went missing. I just listened, basically," she explained.

"I think that, for them, it's still difficult to talk about. I'm not going to probe with questions. That's a really intimate environment, and I was invited to their home," Dunst continued.

She went on to say that what stayed with her long after the meeting was the family's continued love for Kathie. Dunst also came away with a sense of sympathy for the woman, who fell in love with a charming, yet troubled man from a very powerful family.

"I can see how when someone falls in love with someone who can take you away financially, is very wealthy, sometimes you lose touch with your family and what's really going on," she said.

Regarding how the family is dealing with a big-screen adaptation of their loved one's tragic tale, Dunst said she believes they feel a sense of relief.

"It seems difficult for them to know that this man who did this to her, his family, no one helped or did anything, and [Kathie's family] didn't have the means to help find her," she said. "So, I think they're so relieved that the story is being told and brought to light."

And despite the ominous, slightly creepy tone of the film — due in large part to Ryan Gosling's chilling portrayal as Kathie's scarred, bottled-up husband — Dunst said the discomfort is worth it.

"I think that the performances are really strong, and I think that because it's a true story and it's so shocking. It's just unbelievable and frightening, but also you get this love story," she explained. "A lot of things are happening in this film, and it's still an unsolved mystery, and I think that always makes everything so much more believable."

"All Good Things" opens in New York on Friday, and Los Angeles and additional cities December 10.

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